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Village Fundraiser/BBQ/Head Shave

Posted by Lorraine Barnes on May 27, 2015 at 2:40 PM

What an amazing day!!  Overwhelmed with the support of family, friends and neighbours on Saturday at my Village Fundraiser/BBQ/Head Shave Event - it went far better than I anticipated.  Good friends pulled together to do their bit beyond what I expected - so touching.  We ran out of Tombola items so added more from donations which arrived on the day, we ran out of Wine to Water so we did it all again with 10 more bottles of wine donated on the day and had to send out for more food for the Salad to go with the BBQ!  The Auction in the evening raised nearly £600 alone - thanks to the great Mick Sunderland for his wit and way of getting money out of people!  Many thanks to our amazing next door neighbours, Simon and Karen Waterhouse, who Sponsored the meat for the BBQ giving us 100% of the ticket sales, the marvellous Sheila, another neighbour who has watched the boys grow up - constantly reminding us of "what a little bugger" Dan was when he was a child(!)  and how much of a gentleman he is now, for selling the tickets for us and gathering in £100 in donations - she has a high regard for both boys.  Bothamsall Social Club Committee Members were fantastic at letting us have the hire of the hall for nothing, the marquette was erected for us, the grass cut and the bar manned from 3 pm onwards.  To lovely Anne who did the food to go with the BBQ and helped Simon cook the meat.  To the lovely Clare who did the Cake Stall for me, and her son Rio who did the Tombola.  The lovely Rachael who sold Raffle tickets for us and brought her family along to buy just about everything in sight!   Thanks to my two aunties who were roped in to doing the coffee and tea!  All the thanks in the World to my amazing husband who worked hard for days getting things ready, helping Simon to clean the Hall and set all the tables and chairs out - who humped everything there in his car taking several trips and humped everything back in the evening while I walked back with a bottle of wine under one arm pit, a glass of wine in one hand and some home made scones in the other!! 

Big thanks to Claire from Hair Flair in Tuxford who came to shave my hair in the evening delaying her holiday in Cornwall just to be there.  Hair is a bit fluffy feeling now!  Boys don't like it - I'm an embarrassment now - but it will grow back.  Damaged lungs don't mend - EVER.

We made an astounding £2018 on Saturday - more than doubled my wanted target.  To raise £500 in a small village like ours would have been great - I'd have liked to have thought we could make £1000 - we DOUBLED IT!!!  Everyone had a great time - it was hard work, but I have fantastic people supporting me and wanting me to get to that £50,000.  Just over £15,000 now - 30% of the target with a year to go.  Next target - £20,000 by end of July, then I might take a break ..... or maybe not!!

Lot's more planned for June from having a Stall at a Craft Fayre in Grantham on 6th June, Summer Facebook Auction starts on 5th June, Car Boot planned for June, Hair Flair at Tuxford are doing a leg of the Tour De France within the Salon from 15th June for me where they use an exercise bike in the Salon to do miles between styling hair for the week!!  My Auntie is having an Afternoon Tea on 4th July with proceeds to my target.  On-going are Logo Bugs and Wristbands - sold out of Fridge Magnets but more in stock from mid-July.  That's all for now .... more things in the pipe line!!

Pictues below of the Head Shave Event .... I need a hat - it's gone a bit cold out!! 

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